University Application

Due to our excellent reputation and depth of experience, we have accumulated more market resources and channels for student recruitment and we receive a high number of applications for the English Language Program program at the regional campuses of Miami University of Ohio.  We believe that we are a leader in the study abroad recruitment sector.


Language Training

The mission of the Miami University - Middletown English Language Center is to provide program participants access to the highest quality English as a Second Language education possible in a safe and optimal learning environment so as to become proficient and even fluent in English. English is the most widely used language in a large number of fields around the world.


Academic Guidance

The academic program at Elite Education International Group places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development. Suitable class sizes and high-qualified teachers enable us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment while ensuring each student receives individualized attention and all the support that they require.

student dorm 1_1.jpg


We provide our students who attend the regional campuses of Miami University of Ohio with different residential options. Each dorm room comes with its own private bathroom. The students can find various restaurants and stores nearby.



Our licensed chef and staff are dedicated to bringing your home country taste to the college table. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner, which are all available for delivering under certain circumstances. We also provide shuttle service to take students directly to the cafeteria either from their dorms or from classroom buildings.

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