EEI Services

Pre-arrival students services:

1.Study Abroad planning

2.University Application

3.Visa Training and Visa Assistance Service

4.Group flight service

5.Dormitory reservation

6.Pick-up booking

7.Parent group activity organization

8.Communication between home and university

9.Pre-departure guidance

Services during study abroad:

1.Pick-up service at the beginning of the school year

2.Dormitory arrangement

3.Student life services

Accompanying and interpreting for medical treatment

Daily management and problem solving during dormitory stay

Banking services

Driving school guidance

Legal training and legal assistance

Shuttle service

4. Academic and college guidance

How to choose classes wisely?

How to switch campuses?

How to choose a major? (STEM)

How to take a double degree

How to apply for CPT

How to apply for OPT

Post-study Services:

1.Career services

2.Internship and employment opportunity

3.Diploma verification

4.Graduate school application

5.Legal Assistance