Elite Education Group International (hereinafter referred to as EEI) is an one-stop study abroad education investment company that integrates services before, during and after studying abroad in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Its main services include investment in the operation and management of overseas university dormitories, education training, and a business incubator for university students studying abroad.

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China Office

EEI China Office is in Beijing, China. It is mainly responsible for the development and cooperation of the Chinese study abroad market, as well as language testing, student application, visa services, accommodation arrangements, pre-departure training, airport pick-up arrangements and a series of pre-study services. We use the most serious attitude and the best service to ensure that every student successfully completes the university application and attend foreign universities to study without worries. The China office perfectly combines pre-study services with the US office’s services during and after studying abroad, and finally provides one-stop service for students and parents.


U.S. Office

EEI's U.S. Office is mainly responsible for the operation and management of U.S. cooperative projects and services during and after studying abroad, including student dormitory management, academic guidance, international student services, student dining services, student transfer application services, internship and employment guidance, lawyer services, student entrepreneurship and innovation services, and etc.

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U.S. Office

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