Elite Education Group International Limited (“EEG”), through its subsidiaries Quest Holding International LLC and Highrim Holding International Limited, provides comprehensive education solutions for domestic students and international students interested in university and college degree programs in the US Canada and the UK. We acquired the controlling equity ownership position in Ameri-Can Education Group Corp., which has the right to the underlying equity of Davis College, a career training college in Toledo, Ohio. We also acquired 80% of EduGlobal College, which focuses on English educational programming, in metro Vancouver, Canada. We also have a recruiting relationship with the regional campuses of Miami University of Ohio, where we provide an array of services for Chinese students, and act as a recruiting agent for the University of the West of Scotland (through The Education Group (London) Ltd) and Coventry University, both of which are located in the United Kingdom.

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EEG Services

  • General services:

       Academic guidance, health services, career counselling, international programs, financial aid, housing, campus life

  • For students entering the English Language Program at the regional campuses of Miami University of Ohio:

       Pre-arrival services such as pre-departure training and visa services

       On-campus services such as apartments, cafeterias, supervisory services and numerous student resources

       Post-studies guidance for academic study, transfer pathway programs


The China Office of Elite Education Group International Limited

The EEG China Office is in Beijing, China, which is mainly responsible for the development and coordination of the Chinese study abroad market. It engages in language testing, student application, visa services, accommodation arrangements, pre-departure training, airport pick-up arrangements and a series of pre-study services for its study-abroad program. Our goal is to ensure that every student who successfully completes the university application can realize the dream to study abroad at a select number of universities. The China office works with the US office’s services to ensure a seamless experience and a one-stop study-abroad service for our students while ensuring parents of their safety and security.


The US Office of Elite Education Group International Limited

EEG's US office is mainly responsible for the operation and management of U.S. coordination projects and services during and after studying abroad, including student apartment management, academic guidance, international student services, student dining services, student transfer application services, internship and employment guidance, lawyer services, medical services and student entrepreneurship services.

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Professor & Students

The Regional Campuses of Miami University of Ohio

U.S. Office

1209 N University Blvd,

Middletown, OH, 45042


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